About Us

As you entered our page, you have already known who we are and what we do. You've met one of our team at some event or read about us in the Internet. We are almost the same to you and that's why we know what you really need and what not. We know about IT-startups almost everything, because we were in your shoes and succeeded in our own startups. We know about investing almost everything, because we have done all those things to attract an investor. We will help you with money and with advice as well. But we know for sure, that inverstors should not work as substitute for founders or team. We will not work instead of you, but will work with you to make your idea to come true. Keep in mind, that we have high requirements and clear criteria for projects to invest in.

We are looking for:

  • ideas with clear value for consumer/customer
  • teams, which know about their project/idea ALL and even more
  • projects with clear purpose
  • people, who want to change the world for good

Usually, we search for:

  • software for mobile OS (preferable, but not exclusively, iOS)
  • software for MacOS
  • casual/business software
  • offline business’ online presence
  • B2C services
  • B2B services

If your project is not among them, we would not even consider your application, nothing personal. Mind you, we believe, that your project is very interesting and perspective and it's us not suiting you, not the reverse. We study every application very carefully and follow our rules:

  • We do not work with projects which we do not understand
  • We do not work with projects which we do not understand
  • We work with professionals

That's why we do not invest in projects which are beyond our expertise in order to pay more attention to those we can really help with. Ask for other companies and never give up, than your success will be inevitable! But if you are ready to work with us, than your application is welcomed and we will do our best to help you.